Do You Have the Drive?

Need business management support for your small business? Stark Enterprises is the company you're looking for!

We have different support options for small business owners who are in need of an organization with a strong support team, and a flexible suite of services to aide in the growth and development of their business. One who will partner with them in a customized support structure, so that their focus can be on operational execution in whatever industry they serve.

What Stark Can Provide:

  • Efficiency and organization suggestions

  • Company website and social media support

  • Company Google email support

  • Internal employee portals

  • Office and meeting space

  • Warehouse storage space

  • Project management technology platform

  • Employee engagement events

  • Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable management

  • Supporting teams for payroll, HR, marketing, accounting, and other professional services

  • Credit lines and loans where needed

What You Provide:

  • Field knowledge in your industry

  • Run the hands-on, day-to-day operations

  • Leadership to select, hire, train, and retain your team

  • Adherence to Stark processes & procedures aligned with your customized support package

Contact us today at for more details about our support structures, and to find which one is right for you.